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Hiring Civil Lawyers in Birmingham, AL: Go To Court or Settle?
January 16, 2023 at 10:00 PM
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If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of another person or company, you may be considering filing a civil lawsuit. However, several factors should be considered when deciding whether to take your case to trial or settle out of court. Having a lawyer with trial experience and a proven track record of favorable settlements will give you an advantage whether you choose to take your case to court or not.

Why Choose Civil Lawyers With Trial Experience?

When taking a civil case to court, having a lawyer who has experience in trials can be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • They will know legal procedures and courtroom etiquette that could help ensure that everything runs smoothly during your trial proceedings.
  • They will know how best to present evidence and make persuasive arguments explicitly tailored to your case.
  • They will understand how juries tend to think, so they can use this knowledge during their presentation of your case to maximize the chances of receiving an optimal verdict outcome.

Benefits vs. Risks of Civil Lawyers in Birmingham, AL, Going to Trial


Taking a civil case to trial is often the best way for plaintiffs to receive the full amount of damages they are entitled to. The fact is, juries tend to award more compensation than what is offered in settlement negotiations. Of course, this does not guarantee that every jury will award generous amounts of money; it depends on the individual case and circumstances. Additionally, taking a case to trial gives you more control over your outcome than settling out of court and relinquishing control over the terms and conditions of your agreement with the defendant.


Although going to trial may seem like the only way to get what you deserve in your civil lawsuit, it’s essential to consider the financial risk involved. Trials can be expensive, and if you don’t win, you could end up paying costs (such as attorney fees) associated with the other side's legal fees. Furthermore, there is an outcome risk when civil lawyers in Birmingham, AL, take a case to court. No matter how strong your case may seem, there are no guarantees of the outcome.

Why Civil Lawyers in Birmingham, AL, May Settle Lawsuits Without Going to Trial

When resolving a dispute, settlement is often the more desirable option. Unlike going to trial, which can be lengthy and expensive, settlement is often much faster and less costly. It also offers more control than going to trial because both parties can decide on the outcome instead of leaving it up to a judge or jury. Additionally, settlements are often confidential and can prevent potentially damaging information from becoming public knowledge. Finally, settling allows lawyers and clients to avoid any potential risks associated with taking a case through trial.

Choose the Best Civil Lawyers in Birmingham, AL

Taking a civil case through trial is often the best way for plaintiffs to seek fair compensation for damages caused by another person or company’s negligence. An experienced lawyer with trial experience can give you an advantage as they will know legal procedures, courtroom etiquette, and how best to present evidence and make persuasive arguments specifically about your situation. Clients who want to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of going through a trial or settling out of court can contact Maxwell Tillman Trial Lawyers today to discuss their case. Then, the professionals at Maxwell Tillman will help you make the right decision for you when it comes time to resolve your dispute.