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February 14, 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Parole Hearings in Alabama

January 18, 2019

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Racial Profiling: Man Held 90 Days in Jails Because Police Thought Drywall Was Cocaine

July 30, 2017


A Florida man was wrongfully detained in jail for 90 days after police officers accused the man of having cocaine in his car when in fact it was actually drywall powder. Karlos Cashe blames the entire event on racial profiling. Cashe was pulled over for his car’s headlights being out. Officers then asked Cashe if he had any illegal items in the car. Cashe repeatedly told the officers no and that the drywall they identified in the vehicle was merely drywall. The results from the lab came back and showed that the substance was negative for any sort of drug. However, Cashe was not released for another month after the results came back. Cashe was denied justice and spent 90 days in jail all because police officers racially profiled and mistakenly identified something like drywall for cocaine.


The law may not always be on your side at the beginning and mistakes can be made along the way, but Maxwell Law can be there to help. Fighting a sensitive case such as this can be a meticulous process. Much of the suit requires significant trial experience and lawyers adequately trained in appeals and defense work. We believe in our clients and we fight for justice. The Maxwell Law Firm has seasoned staff – from our attorneys to our investigators – and financial resources to aggressively defend criminal cases.
In a suit against law enforcement, it is especially important that a client finds an attorney they feel comfortable with, have confidence in and can fully trust. The Maxwell Law Firm has helped numerous clients take back their lives and embark on the healing process that leads to recovery.

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