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February 14, 2018

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January 18, 2019

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Consequence of Not Addressing America's Racial History

June 3, 2017


Richard Collins III was a student three days from graduating Bowie State University, when Sean Urbanski murdered him at a bus stop. Collins was a second Lieutenant in the United States Army and active member in his church. The man who murdered him, was an active member in the radical terrorist group, “Alt-Reich: Nation.” He grew up in the suburban area of Severna Park, Maryland and has shown to be a homegrown terrorist. He told Collins, “To step left if he knew what was best for him” and Collins stood his ground so Urbanski stabbed and fled the scene.

The incident that occurred on May 20th was videoed and has been sent in to the Federal Bureau of Investigations as an incident of a hate crime. Mr. Collins family deserves justice for the stabbing of their son, and the student body and campus police of Maryland are demanding it. This has been a growing issue throughout college campuses since Donald Trump has been elected President. The University of Maryland campus has reported racist chalking, flyers, nooses and even threats since the election. The UMD campus police chief has issued these words to the community and student body, “Anyone who feels empowered by what happen, the only thing I can say is that if you want to harm our students, you are going to have to go through us. We are not going to tolerate any harm brought to our students. Not on my campus. Not on my watch.” The student body has reacted very harshly to the University’s President Wallace Loh doing nothing to ensure safety to the student body; it is time for a change. Undergrad Brenden Sullivan issued this statement to President Loh, “Hey Wallace Loh, through your failure to address racism, white supremacists, hate speech and violence against people of color you have created an atmosphere where racists are emboldened. Your milquetoast attitude to the racist flyers, calling hate speech ‘free speech’ and refusing to stand by immigrants, who you yourself are, has allowed this disease called racism to root itself in our university. We need courage, we need our administration to fearlessly fight for the lives of our students, not cover their asses and hide in their shell. Richard Collins’s blood is on your hands.”


Hate and racial targeting crime cases against a certain racial category of people requires significant trial experience and knowledge in the field of civil rights. We believe in our clients and we fight for justice. The Maxwell Law Firm has the seasoned staff – from our attorneys to our investigators – and financial to aggressively prosecute such cases.
In a brutality case, it is especially important that a client finds an attorney they feel comfortable with, have confidence in and can fully trust. There will come a time when you must decide whether to resolve your case through settlement or take it to trial. As that point, confidence and trust in your attorney is essential. Over the years, The Maxwell Law Firm has helped numerous survivors of police brutality take back their lives and embark on the healing process that leads to recovery.